Female virginity takers

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Contrary to popular belief, there are girls out there who can have sex without feeling emotions. Spending time with her was the happiest moments of my life and I miss that. I lost it at 19, part of me wishes I had known him a little longer, or thinks that he might of been the rebound off the guy I was with for 2 years before him. Yes I felt a deep connection. I tried to insert but the pain caused me to lose my stiffy. Why do we feel the need to categorize women and give them a different set of expectations and a different place in our hearts, just because of their sexual encounters? The strangest part is I spent only hours in total with her. I have noticed that often women are classified, and nearly divided into two teams: I by no means regret it.


Cette fille est parfaite.


romance is dead


i love incest porn but i fucking hate rape and blackmail have these porn companys run out of ideas if so why fall back on rape something is seriously wrong with some of us men. rape has to be the biggest turn off and its in every other porn video WTF

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